Connection through imagery

I believe in gaining a deeper connection with people and creating relationships for years to come. It is my intention to help bring forward your talents, ideas and passion into the world through high quality imagery.

What people are saying

“Nick Sopczak has been my go-to photographer for the past 10 years. He has supported my business with amazing images that capture the essence of my work. From food photography for my best selling recipe book “The Power of Food’ to live event images, every photo Nick takes, has a quality and liveliness I have come to trust. I am grateful for his years of service and more grateful to be able to call him a brother!”

-Adam Hart

“I’ve worked with Nick many times, specifically on rock climbing photo shoots, and it’s always been a pleasure.  Nick is really chill to work with.  He’s quiet and professional and photo sessions with Nick never feel forced or scripted.  Nick documents what’s really happening with an artistic eye that beautifully captures a moment.  I really enjoy spending time with Nick and I’ve always been really happy with the photos he produces.”

-Jack Fieldhouse

“Nick encompasses the connection to humanity and mother earth. This shines through in his images. Architecture, art, music… the people. The mountains, rivers and oceans… the earth. He focuses on the details. Bringing to life moments most of us are too busy to notice. He listens to you, truly listens and then gets to work. The results are breathtaking.”

-Matt Maddaloni


I strive to work with like minded people, companies and organizations in their element who are of good intentions, ethical and are looking to make positive change.

Habitat Realeste GroupThornhill Realeste GroupRemax Real Estate Squamish | Siddhi EnergeticsSuperFeast SuperHerbs

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Squamish Integrative Health Squamish ToyotaZuma Nutrition  | Lion Cura Nutrition  

More Testimonials

“Nick’s passion for photography is felt through his calm and focused energy. His selection of work reflects his deep connection to nature and health, as well as an ability to capture the moments when people are immersed in their elements and shining their brightest. I enjoy the heartfelt purity found throughout his work.”

-Taylor Mar

“Nick is a passionate soul and this comes out in his vision, which is delicately captured through his sublime photography.  Seeing with his inner eye and heart, he bridges the distance between subject and place,  opening an experience in an immediately felt moment.  Being a Nature Lover, he sees the perfection of Nature, in communion with Her unfolding beauty.  I am honoured  to know Nick as a soul brother and a man on a mission.”

-Dante Chicano

“In working with Nick, I felt like I was being cared for. Nick has such a unique perspective, which was illustrated in the photos he took for me. I was offered a kind of value that I was hoping to get, but never could have imagined would have been so perfect for my needs.”

-James Wood